My corky and weird inspiration!

I've been putting a hold on my projects lately!

My excuse is I got busy. haha

Also I was looking for inspiration that strikes me. 


So I recently watched the movie "Suicide Squad"

I was so in love with the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn in this movie.

Besides about the movie itself, I just adore these crazy but lovable characters crazy in love.


I love "Nightmare before Christmas" by Tim Burton.

I love "The Phantom of the opera" by Andrew Lloyd Weber


Watching this movie made me thought of what I loved growing up.

dark, weird, corky, artsy, beautiful and Lovable vibe.

Things that makes me feel like 5years old with favorite toys!

Pure excitement.


What is your inspiration?


I believe that the key to make a difference can be only found in you.

Dig deeper to pull out the pure beautiful color of you:)