My corky and weird inspiration!

I've been putting a hold on my projects lately!

My excuse is I got busy. haha

Also I was looking for inspiration that strikes me. 


So I recently watched the movie "Suicide Squad"

I was so in love with the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn in this movie.

Besides about the movie itself, I just adore these crazy but lovable characters crazy in love.


I love "Nightmare before Christmas" by Tim Burton.

I love "The Phantom of the opera" by Andrew Lloyd Weber


Watching this movie made me thought of what I loved growing up.

dark, weird, corky, artsy, beautiful and Lovable vibe.

Things that makes me feel like 5years old with favorite toys!

Pure excitement.


What is your inspiration?


I believe that the key to make a difference can be only found in you.

Dig deeper to pull out the pure beautiful color of you:)

Art of Training


In city of Los Angeles, We came to work as a professional from everywhere.

I consider myself as a professional as well.

Because I fortunately eat and live by my profession.

But I should never stop training. And if you ask me you should too:)


What would happen when you stop?

Start feeling lazy, get bored, life without excitement to progress, knowing that you could be better but feeling "Okay", get bitter about people who are progressing...

I've been there:/

And I genuinely was not happy.

When I am training, getting better and actually getting recognition from other people, I feel so so so good. I feel excited. it put big smile on my face:)

And I may be able to inspire others.


If you know that you need to study something, go for it and study.

when you see potential in yourself in some area that you've never done before,

trust yourself and go for it.


When I do, i feel so happy:) just excited to see where it can go from there.

So this is a suggestion from me:)


To make your everyday life excited!


I know my words are poor haha but I am working on it!!


Thank you for reading:)

forgot to share this on blog.


my 2 rounds of freestyle plus editing!

I hope you enjoy:)