Book you want to read

I've been reading this for couple of weeks now (because I switch out between like 3 books to read so it takes so long for me to finish one book!)

Finally finished it. 



I decided to blog about it because it's just an amazing book that changes your way of seeing people, yourself, relationships and love. 

its very direct, eye opening, striking and cutting to the point.  

I want to recommend you to read this so you will be happier and enjoy life more:)

Basically, LOVE like your puppy does🐶❤️

I'm a puppy🐶🌟 haha


Love more and enjoy more. 

Have a beautiful night🌝⭐️ 


Creative Process/Video is up on youtube!

So I just had a birth of my new video!

I started choreographing this piece back in (probably) January! somewhere in Asia.

Free time during soundcheck on Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour.


My dance has changed so much through basically my entire dance life.

I have to say specially in these past 2-3 years. As I got into more freestyling and being free without choreography.

Madonna's tour I met so many incredible artists. All the dancers have their own styles and constantly being creative and not being afraid of challenging their bodies.

So yea, I became more challenging to my body as well i have to say:)

and I'm so excited about it.


Anyways this is a part of the result of challenging my body to create a choreography. 

During this process I was challenging myself and had so much fun finding new movement within myself.

I hope you enjoy watching it and I hope you get a little taste of my world!:)

feedback, share and comment are appreciated!


Have a beautiful night folks!