Endless studying!

Hello Friends:)

First, My new video is almost completed! I can not wait to share this one with you next week:)

I wanted to share my thoughts about joy of studying.

Since I came back from touring with Madonna, Definitely my focus is on 100% creating from within.

I must say I worked so hard to accomplish some of amazing things I've done.

Traveling around the world dancing for artists was my one and only goal since I started dancing.

Till I got there I used creative mind so much.

Think what I miss, what I need, what I have to be better at, how can I add more value to my skill...

But somehow after a while I accomplished my goal, I almost stopped using my creative sides.

I started to be lazy, unmotivated and uninspired.

That's when I started practicing how to freestyle.  That was 3-4 years ago. (I still have so much to learn!)


Then right now, I finally move my heavy butt to start creating for real, chasing and learning for real! To feel excited, inspired and vibrant again.

I finally got out from where I felt comfortable and jumped into ocean! (well That is how i feel) and the water feels absolutely amazing. Of course there is fear. Ocean is HUGE!!


As I opened my eyes and mind, I found so many things that excites me!

It has only been 2months, 2videos and my new daily routine, And I feel so, so, great.

I haven't felt like "ME" fully like this in a long long time.

Of course, imperfection and hard critics from my dearest talented friends frustrated me a bit already, but at the same time I really appreciate these hurdles to go over.

S/O to my super talented friends:) You're my inspiration! keep being hard on me please! haha


To have goal is such a blessing.

There are so many sources in the world we can learn from.


What i like to say is

Be You, chase what excites you and study<3

And you see a new world, feeling excitement like I do:)




BE Yourself

Either what you wear, how you decorate your home or live everyday

You are the only one you can be "YOU" at the best.

You won't feel at home, happy and wealthy in many ways when you try to become someone else.

Move like you, dress like you, create like you, live like you, and dance like you:)

Creative Process/Video is up on youtube!

So I just had a birth of my new video!

I started choreographing this piece back in (probably) January! somewhere in Asia.

Free time during soundcheck on Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour.


My dance has changed so much through basically my entire dance life.

I have to say specially in these past 2-3 years. As I got into more freestyling and being free without choreography.

Madonna's tour I met so many incredible artists. All the dancers have their own styles and constantly being creative and not being afraid of challenging their bodies.

So yea, I became more challenging to my body as well i have to say:)

and I'm so excited about it.


Anyways this is a part of the result of challenging my body to create a choreography. 

During this process I was challenging myself and had so much fun finding new movement within myself.

I hope you enjoy watching it and I hope you get a little taste of my world!:)

feedback, share and comment are appreciated!


Have a beautiful night folks!