Endless studying!

Hello Friends:)

First, My new video is almost completed! I can not wait to share this one with you next week:)

I wanted to share my thoughts about joy of studying.

Since I came back from touring with Madonna, Definitely my focus is on 100% creating from within.

I must say I worked so hard to accomplish some of amazing things I've done.

Traveling around the world dancing for artists was my one and only goal since I started dancing.

Till I got there I used creative mind so much.

Think what I miss, what I need, what I have to be better at, how can I add more value to my skill...

But somehow after a while I accomplished my goal, I almost stopped using my creative sides.

I started to be lazy, unmotivated and uninspired.

That's when I started practicing how to freestyle.  That was 3-4 years ago. (I still have so much to learn!)


Then right now, I finally move my heavy butt to start creating for real, chasing and learning for real! To feel excited, inspired and vibrant again.

I finally got out from where I felt comfortable and jumped into ocean! (well That is how i feel) and the water feels absolutely amazing. Of course there is fear. Ocean is HUGE!!


As I opened my eyes and mind, I found so many things that excites me!

It has only been 2months, 2videos and my new daily routine, And I feel so, so, great.

I haven't felt like "ME" fully like this in a long long time.

Of course, imperfection and hard critics from my dearest talented friends frustrated me a bit already, but at the same time I really appreciate these hurdles to go over.

S/O to my super talented friends:) You're my inspiration! keep being hard on me please! haha


To have goal is such a blessing.

There are so many sources in the world we can learn from.


What i like to say is

Be You, chase what excites you and study<3

And you see a new world, feeling excitement like I do:)