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Reflect and Grow. Challenge my Ego

I recognized that a lot of us are on a journey to reflect everything that we do.

When world is in chaos, what's important become clear.

Ego mind wants to win, no matter right or wrong.

It threats our ego to change things, mindset that we thought they were right.

So, observe thinking pattern, check your ego.

Being wrong is a chance to grow.

don't let our ego get in our way for the chance to grow.

Time to be humble,

Time to change,

Time to challenge,

Time to expand.

I've been on my spiritual growth journey for the past 3years.

books, practices and teachings.

Even when I understand something in my head,

When it comes to my own reality

sometimes I am taking actions in auto pilot from long term past beliefs.

So I am




challenging and testing myself.

To really really change and grow.

I invite you to join me on a journey to




challenge your ego.

to grow.

Sending Love and light to you💚

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