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     "Maria Wada is an extraordinary teacher who truly stands out. With her background in dance, Maria brings a unique and deeply spiritual approach to her yoga practice, allowing her students to experience movement and flow in a whole new light.
One of the most inspiring aspects of Maria's teaching style is her genuine connection with her students. She creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making everyone feel comfortable and supported. 
     Maria's ability to connect with each individual, recognizing their specific needs and goals, is truly remarkable. She takes the time to understand her students' abilities and limitations, adapting her instructions and sequences accordingly.
     What impressed me the most about Maria is her skill in teaching different levels of students within the same class. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Maria seamlessly guides everyone through the practice, offering modifications for those who need them and challenges for those seeking to deepen their practice. Her clear and concise instructions ensure that everyone feels included and able to progress at their own pace.
     Beyond her exceptional teaching abilities, Maria's ongoing commitment to studying yoga and breath work is truly commendable. She constantly seeks to expand her knowledge and improve her skills, attending workshops and trainings to enhance her expertise. This dedication reflects her genuine desire to better serve her students and provide them with the most enriching and transformative experiences possible.
In other words TAKE HER CLASS! 
     Maria Wada is an exceptional yoga teacher who brings her background in dance, inspiring connection to her students, ability to teach different levels, and ongoing commitment to studying yoga and breath work into every class. If you're looking for a teacher who will not only guide you through a physical practice but also inspire and uplift you along the way, I highly recommend attending Maria's classes. You won't be disappointed!"

​Lisa Eaton Choreographer/Director 

“Maria is pure light and such a joy to be around. I absolutely love Maria’s teaching style as all her classes are challenging, focused, peaceful, and spiritual all at the same time! She always pushes me to my limit in a gentle way. I feel renewed and empowered after taking her class. Maria is very knowledgeable and her attention to detail is superb! I am so inspired by this incredible human being. Thank you for sharing your talent, Maria! You are truly amazing!”

​Joyce Ivonne Yoga Teacher 

"Oh Maria! What would I do without her class?! Maria is such a beautiful human inside and out. Her yoga classes make my soul feel nourished and held. Finding a teacher like her is a true rarity. She is a godsend to my life! I love that she respects the traditions of yoga & goes deep with you on the philosophy. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have her around- truly blessed to be able to learn from such an amazing, kind, talented soul! "

Hayley Fredenburgh Los Angeles, CA

"Maria's teaching style is the perfect combination of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and flow that I prefer in my yoga practice. Her choices in music paired with her flows create a fully embodied experience that allows for her students to immerse themselves in the union that yoga intends. My practice has deepened, and greatly improved thanks to Maria's knowledge. "


​Daniel Rios Los Angeles, CA

     "Maria's yoga teaching is inspiring, motivating, challenging, illuminating and easily my favorite. 
     The stories with which Maria opens class are immersive, evocative and resonante. Whether a moral fable or personal anecdote the outome is elevating and educational. 
Maria motivates every participant via elegant effective cueing matched with poetic positive encouragement.
      Maria gracefully guides students toward unlocking untapped potential to surmount mental and physical challenges.
      Through Maria's teaching I have been moved to overcome inhibitions and leap like Hanuman over the mountain, and also to tears as I grow internally. 
     Beautiful and powerful, Maria is an avatar of peace, patience, profundity, and progress. 
Om Shanti Shanti, Namaste. "

​Damien De La Garza Santa Monica, CA

"I always enjoy Maria’s yoga classes, and I always look forward to each class. She is an exceptional yoga teacher who can merge lessons in spirituality, self-reflection and physical practice into yoga. Every time I finish Maria’s class, I feel calmer and happier. I am incredibly grateful for the wisdom, insight, and lightheartedness Maria brings to each class, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a beautiful yoga experience."

​Ling Ly Tan Manhattan Beach, CA

"In a world where yoga classes are abundant, finding a true gem like Maria is an absolute blessing. Her genuine passion for yoga shines through as she guides you through physically demanding sequences, pushing you beyond your perceived limits. While she keeps her classes fun, she also seamlessly weaves in profound philosophical insights. Her classes are not just about poses; they are journeys of self-discovery and introspection.
I am lucky to call you my teacher <3"

Liliana Granados Yoga teacher

"Yoga with Maria is a different practice than many classes I have taken. I look forward to them, even when I am tired. 
Not only is it physically challenging, but with the challenges her cues and light empower you to grow and learn. Not just in your body but in your mind and spirit, too. Her sequencing is dynamic and asks you to breathe and commit to yourself, her cues enable and empower you to do so. Each class I feel layers peel away, I find more of my truest self and more of my truest strength. I have met myself in so many new places because of her teaching! "

Charis Ceniseroz Yoga teacher

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